Hi there,

I am Charlotte and was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany 

I’ve grown up in a country and in a time, where talking about one’s body has been very uncommon. It seemed almost a taboo raising the issue about the female body and sexuality. And nudism was even more alien to me.

In Germany, many people, and especially millennials, might know the term ‘OKF’, an abbreviation of ‘oberkörperfrei’ meaning ‘being upper body free’ in German, but it’s still difficult for many to feel free in their body. For some women it’s still even a huge deal not wearing a bra under their shirt in public.

There has for long been an ideal body type for both male and female in the media, and this ideal has been adapted by society, which is not surprising. Many males and females still experience pressure from society and from social media especially of having to fit into this ideal, even if there has been progress in this field, e.g. the fashion industry being more inclusive with their models and the appearance of their brands.

It has for a long time been the ideal that women are presentable and has to be so for the sake of men to like them. Women got the feeling that they had to look a certain way because of the media only including a certain type. The same for men. For long, people have frowned upon a woman with hairy legs or armpits, let alone hairy genitals because it wasn’t common and people weren’t informed or educated on inclusivity. Just imagine how much stir the sight of free nipples under a blouse with no bra can make today, still. 

People have felt entitled to comment on other people’s appearance. We have no such entitlement. You do you and I do me. Every human being is created differently, and there’s no right way to look. We’re all an ideal in our own self. I am supposed to look exactly the way I am, and so are you. Embrace your wonderful self.

We need to take care of ourselves. We’re living in a time, where we have enough worries, and being in your own body really shouldn’t be one of them. But we also know that this is easier said than done. We want you to know that you’re a beautiful creation, and you’re entitled to being how you want to be. You’re entitled to this freedom.

If you want to let your hairy legs flourish, let them. If you want your boobs bouncing around without a bra, let them. If you want to feel pretty in nice lingerie or in a beautiful dress or wearing wonderful makeup, do it. Don’t be afraid of what others might think. Do it for you and do it because it makes you feel wonderful and empowered in your own body.

This is your own amazing body, and only you are in control of how you want to feel good about yourself. There is room for all of us. Feel free to be yourself!


Let me tell you about the project: The name gives it away; these shirts aren’t just homemade, they’re boobmade, meaning that they’re made by females with boobs. This means that each shirt is different and unique in the same way that boobs are. As boobs vary in shape, size and appearance, so do the shirts. We want to contribute to body positivity but not only for women. The appearance of the shirts is not only a reference to the appearance of boobs, but also any difference or uniqueness there is among people. 

The shirts are an occasion to talk about topics of concern, whether that’s body positivity, inclusivity, your boobs or simply how you’re feeling, feel free to do so. We want to start a conversation.

We need to stand for who we are and accept that we are all different. It is exactly the difference that makes all people special and lovable. Every person is exactly as they are, beautiful and valuable.

Embrace all kinds of bodies & love yourself!

Best wishes,